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Information Report - Petitions

Report of the Interim Director of Environmental Services


The Panel received a report which set out details of the petitions that had been received since the last TARSAP meeting.  The report provided details of the Council’s investigations and findings where these had been undertaken.


An officer reported that there had been ten petitions since the last meeting which included:


Queens Avenue


A speed restriction of 20mph with the appropriate clear signage and speed ramps was requested.


The speed survey results from September 2022 show that the 85%ile speed in both directions is 29.5mph and 29.2mph respectively.  As this is slightly below 30mph, officers will need to investigate further to decide on the next course of action.


Victor Road


Prospective CPZ for Victor Road, Sidney Road, Edward Road, Albert Road, Pinner View, Fairfield Drive and Atherton Place. 


The request will be assessed in accordance with agreed TARSAP criteria before it is prioritised on the parking programme for 2023-24.


Common Road


Signalised Pedestrian Crossing outside Sandringham Estate on Common Road.


officers to investigate complaint and identify short-term safety measures to address concerns in the interim.  The request for the crossing will also be assessed and presented to the February 2023 TARSAP for consideration and prioritisation.


Cowbridge Road


Objection to the installation of Double Yellow Lines (DYLs).


Installation of DYLs was suspended until a decision on whether to proceed with scheme on road safety grounds was made.


Rickmansworth Road


20mph limit, a pedestrian crossing or speed reduction measures.


The speed survey results from October 2022 showed that the 85%ile speed in both directions was 32mph and 30mph respectively.  Further investigation (site observation) was needed before next steps could be decided.


Evelyn Drive Pinner and Hatch End


Speed calming measures. 


The speed survey results from September 2022 showed that the 85%ile was 29.5mph in both directions.  This should not suggest excessive speeding monitoring would continue.


Oakleigh Avenue


Review existing CPZ (Zone X).  After assessment, this would be added onto the parking programme register.


Kings Road, Rayners Lane and Roxbourne


(1)            Provision of pedestrian crossings,

(2)            reduce speed limit to 25mph,

(3)            provide school signs on Kings Road for Newton Farm School and

(4)            amend road humps between Malvern Avenue up to Eastcote Lane.


The issues would be investigated and addressed in accordance with current procedures.  This would include a speed survey to determine the extent of the issues.


Mollison Way, Edgware


Speed calming measures.  The speed survey result from September 2022 showed the 85%ile speed slightly exceeded 30mph.  A site visit was conducted following the fatality in March 2020.  The potential traffic-calming at that stage but could not be determined.  The full police report before deciding on the best course of action.


Pangbourne Drive and Dalkeith Grove, Canons


(1)            implement 20mph limit along Pangbourne Drive and Dalkeith Grove

(2)            install Stop or Give Way sign at same junction

(3)            replace all pavements on Pangbourne Drive and Heronslea Drive.


Officers would investigate requests 1 and 2 in accordance with current procedures.  Request 3 had been forwarded to the Highways Team to investigate.


The Chair asked about what time of day the speed survey on Rickmansworth Road was done.  The officer explained that she could not confirm.  The chair was sympathetic and explained this to the Petitioner that this was often the case when the speed surveys were done.


Another member questioned speed controlling measures on Kings road as residents had complained about speed cushions.  The officer explained various speed calming options available to the council.


Several Members questioned about the timing, scheduling, and implementation of the 20mph borough wide scheme.


The officer responded that scheme had been amended and was for particular areas.  Investigations were ongoing and findings would be presented in a report at the next meeting of the Panel in February and funding would be sought from TFL in 2023/2024.  She further explained that schemes for this financial year were at full capacity.  That all schemes were not previously agreed by the Panel at the start of the year would be moved to 2023/24.  Decisions would be made about new schemes in the meeting of the Panel in February 2023.


Councillor Simon Brown raised a concern about prospective CPZ for Victor Road.  He explained that Kodak Sports Ground had led to traffic difficulties and one of the conditions of the planning permission for the development was to use the section 106 funds to seek an effective traffic management scheme for affected roads.  The funding should have been ringfenced.  This was 7 years ago.  He said he was happy to liaise with officers to move things forward.


The officer confirmed the availability of the funds but explained that the delay was due to ongoing development in the area.  She confirmed that the matter would be looked into and any mitigation options available would be included in the schedule from April 2023.


An Advisor raised a concern about the omission of a petition submitted by Councillor June Baxter about speeding on Whittington Way.  The officer would liaise to include the petition in the next report.  The Chair asked to be copied into the discussion about the petition.


An advisor questioned about enforcement of the use of cycle lanes and if there was any plan for worn out cycle lanes especially in Pinner Ward.  The officer explained that the council had powers to enforce parking on cycle lanes, but it had to be a dedicated cycle line before Council could enforce usage.  The officer further explained that the Council was reviewing all signs and lines in the borough and that included a programme to remark cycle lanes.


RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.

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