Executive post

Housing Portfolio Holder


To be responsible for the development and delivery of the Council’s housing services, including:


·                 To oversee the development and implementation of policies and strategies for the provision and improvement of housing in the Borough.


·              To oversee development and delivery of the Housing Ambition Plan and Housing’s vision.


·                 To ensure maximum opportunities exist to engage residents in the development and delivery of all housing services and that regular opportunities exist to test tenant and leaseholder satisfaction and to ensure that feedback is used to improve services.


·                 To ensure the HRA remains viable and provides value for money services working closely with the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Human Resources.


·                 To recommend variations in rent levels.


·                 To ensure that residents can readily access housing services and that customers are empowered to make the best of their housing situation.


·                 To ensure that housing services know its customer profile and tailors its services accordingly.


·                 To ensure that all services to tenants are set out in clear standards.


·                 To ensure accommodation provision for households in need, through Council provision, or in consort with Housing Associations and developers.


·                 To ensure that temporary accommodation is provided for those in urgent need or who are homeless.


·              To ensure an assessment of future housing needs within the Borough is regularly taken and informs future services.


·                 To oversee the maintenance, repair and improvement of the Council’s housing stock.


·                 To oversee the development of high standard services to Council tenants and leaseholders.


·                 To promote satisfactory standards in housing accommodation in the private sector and ensure enforcement actions are taken as appropriate.


·                 Jointly with other Portfolio Holders to oversee the development of a strategy to support social inclusion in the provision of local housing.


·              To oversee the development and delivery of the Council’s Housing Strategy.


·              To work with private landlords, housing associations and developers to ensure that opportunities for the provision of affordable housing are maximised.


Portfolio Holder Decisions taken by the Portfolio Holder for Housing can be found on the Portfolio Holder for Housing’s Decisions webpage. 




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