Executive post

Performance, Communications and Customer Experience Portfolio Holder


To be responsible for the strategic development and effective performance of the Council’s corporate services including:




·                To oversee the ongoing development and delivery of the Council’s performance management framework to set objectives and monitor progress against their delivery and to report progress and key issues to Cabinet.


·                To support Improvement and Commissioning Boards across all Council services.


·                To oversee the Council’s responses to its inspectorates.


·                To steer the development of the Council’s priorities in response to performance, consultation, research and customer feedback.


·                To support the development of the Council’s equalities framework and monitor progress to drive improvement.


·                To oversee the Council’s Performance Management Framework and the Corporate Improvement Boards to ensure the Council is performing to its full potential.




·                Champion a set of marketing campaigns in support of the Council and its services.


·                Support the Council’s media relations in support of promoting the Council’s reputation.


·                Promote the Council’s branding to deliver consistency across services and to improve residents’ awareness of our services.


Customer Experience


·                To oversee all matters relating to customer care and complaints.


·                To oversee the management and implementation of customer services strategies.




·                To ensure the development and maintenance of a coherent IT strategy.


·                To ensure the effective delivery of IT services.


·                To ensure that disaster recovery arrangements are developed, implemented and maintained.


·                To ensure that the Council has effective information management and information security arrangements.


Legal and Governance


·                To oversee development of the shared legal practice.


·                To oversee the conduct of litigation by or against the Council.


·                To oversee the delivery of the Registry Office services.


·                To oversee the support for the Mayor’s office.




To oversee the Council’s waste management services and to develop the Council’s waste policies.

Post is held by