Executive post

Business, Property and Leisure Portfolio Holder


To be responsible for the strategic direction and the promotion of employment opportunities in the Borough including:


·                     Liaising with local and national government bodies and the business community;


·                     Protecting Harrow’s built heritage and green spaces;


·                     Small Business support and business relationships;


·                     Economic Regeneration and Inclusive Economy;


·                     Ensuring the effective management of the Council’s property assets, with specific authority to acquire or dispose of land up to £250k (other than at less than best consideration); 


·                     Ensuring good governance in the Council, including overseeing the Legal & Governance Services Directorate;


·                     Overseeing the development of cultural and heritage activities in the Borough;


·                     Ensuring residents have appropriate training and development opportunities and benefit from employment opportunities in the Borough.


 (Note:  Full details of the Business, Property and Leisure Portfolio Holder’s responsibilities can be found in Part 3A of the Council's Constitution).

Post is held by