Issue - decisions

Milton Road Development - Review and Update

14/10/2022 - Milton Road Development - Review and Update



(1)            the outcome of the review of the Milton Road scheme be noted;


(2)            the amendment of the scheme from that commissioned by the Council to the Harrow Strategic Development Partnership (HSDP) in November 2021 and the taking of relevant steps, including applying for appropriate planning permission, be approved, noting that approval for the implementation of the amended scheme would be sought following completion of the final costs and viability; and


(3)            the Corporate Director of Place, following consultation with the Deputy Leader of the Council and the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration and Portfolio Holder for Housing, be authorised toappropriate such parts or the whole of the Milton Road and Poets Corner HSDP sites for planning purposes and to override third party rights and covenants as may be necessary.


Reason for Decision:  To enable the progress of the Milton Road development scheme and facilitate the forthcoming development of the Poets Corner site.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected:  As set out in the report.


Conflict of Interest relating to the matter declared by Cabinet Member/Dispensation Granted:  None.