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West London Waste Authority Food Waste Funding

28/05/2021 - West London Waste Authority Food Waste Funding

The Leader left the Council Chamber for the duration of this item and the meeting was chaired by Councillor Natasha Proctor as Deputy Leader. Having received the report and noted Members questions and comments, Cabinet




(1)          the notification of the project and planned spend of the funding grant received from West London Waste Authority (WLWA) be approved;


(2)          the Director of Environmental Services, following consultation with the Director of Finance, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Climate Change and the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Resources, be authorised to spend the funding as required under the terms of the grant;


(3)          an increase to the 2021/22 Capital Programme by £357k to reflect the allocation of the funding for capital expenditure, be approved.


Reason for Decision:

·                     Harrow, in partnership with WLWA and the other partner Boroughs, had identified disposal budget pressures whereby significant changes must take place to ensure that Boroughs could maintain solvency whilst preparing for potential legislative changes in 2023 and responding to the climate emergency by 2030.

·                     WLWA and the Environment Directors Board (representing the 6 West London Boroughs) had agreed to make £0.5m available for each Borough to address one of the identified areas of change, food waste, of which the Council presented its business case and was successful.

·                     The funding had now been received and approval for spend of this funding was required to commence the project.  The proposed spend would consist of £357k capital and remaining £143k revenue.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected:  As set out in the report.


Conflict of Interest relating to the matter declared by Cabinet Member/Dispensation Granted:  None.