Committee details

Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel

Purpose of committee

The Traffic Advisory Panel has the following duties and responsibilities:


To make recommendations on the following:


-               traffic management;

-               the management and control of parking both on and off-street;

-               the operational aspects of public transport within the Borough.


Examples of business:


·                     Petitions, Deputations

·                     Scheme Approval (from existing budgets), including consultation results and authority to make traffic orders.

·                     Objections to traffic orders

·                     Investigations into traffic problems (other than those identified by petition etc)

·                     Local Safety Schemes Annual Review

·                     Consultations from neighbouring authorities on traffic management schemes on or near boundary

·                     Amendments to London Lorry Ban operation

·                     Approval of model traffic orders

·                     References and motions from other bodies

·                     Setting traffic management criteria e.g. traffic calming.


Information on how to submit a petition, deputation or public question is available on the council website.



Contact information

Support officer: Mwim Chellah, Senior Democratic & Electoral Services Officer. Tel: 07761 405966 E-mail: