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2021/22 Statement of Accounts

Report of the Interim Director of Finance & Assurance


The Committee received a report which presented the audited Statement of Accounts for 2021-22.


The Interim Director of Finance and Assurance introduced the report and drew attention to the fact that this was the final Statement of Accounts for 2021-2022 explaining that this was the last time that the Committee would see these Accounts.


The Interim Director of Finance and Assurance then went on to provide Members with a summary of each of the appendices as well as pointing out the relevant page numbers for each of these.  Attention was drawn to Appendix 3C on Page 271 and Appendix 4C on Page 313 which set out the draft audit opinion. 


Members were then provided an update regarding the changes to the Accounts since this last went to the Committee in September 2023.  It was confirmed that these changes were set out in paragraph 5 on Page 13, and this was in relation to community assets.


The External Auditor from Mazars was then invited to provide any additional comments.  The Auditor explained that the work on the value for money had now been completed, however at the time of the report being published this was still outstanding.




(1)            the Audit Completion Updates of the External Auditor on matters arising from the audit of the Statement of Accounts 2021- 22 and the Pension Fund Annual Report 2021-22 were considered;


(2)            the audited Statement of Accounts 2021-22 be approved and authorise the signing thereof by the Chair;


(3)             the Pension Fund Annual Report 2021-22 be noted;


(4)             the Director of Finance and Assurance, following consultation with the Chair be authorised, to make any final minor amendments to the Statement of Accounts 2021-22 and Pension Fund Annual Report 2021-22 arising from the external audit prior to the signing by the auditor.

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