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1/01, 2-4 Hindes Road, HA1 1SG, P/3833/22


PROPOSAL:  demolition and redevelopment to provide a three, four and five storey building comprising a commercial unit at ground floor (Class E); eighteen flats; Four x three storey terraced houses; Landscaping; Play area and courtyard; Plant room in basement; Refuse and cycle storage.  (Details: Eighteen flats comprising 13 x 1 Bed and 5 x 2 Bed flats; 4 x 3 Bed terraced houses) (as amended by the Addendum and Supplemental Addendum).


The Committee voted and resolved to accept officer recommendations.




1.              agree the reasons for approval as set out in the report; and

2.              grant planning permission subject to authority being delegated to the Chief Planning Officer in consultation with the Director of Legal and Governance Services for the following:

a)    Full resolution of all outstanding drainage matters relating to this site; and

b)    Completion of the Section 106 legal agreement and other enabling legislation and issue of the planning permission and subject to minor amendments to the conditions (set out in Appendix 1 of this report) or the legal agreement.  The Section 106 Agreement Heads of Terms would cover the following matters:

i         Affordable Housing – early and late-stage review of the development as per the Mayor’s SPG.

ii       Parking Permit Restrictions – The development to be “resident permit restricted” in accordance with section 16 of the GLC (Gen Powers) Act 1974 and the developer to ensure that 1) all marketing/advertising material makes reference to this fact and 2) all agreements contain a covenant to the effect that future occupiers and tenants (other than those who are registered disabled) will not be entitled to apply for a residents parking permit or a visitor permit.

iii      A contribution in accordance with the adopted fees and charges is required to amend the Traffic Management Order.

iv     Employment and Training –

1. The developer to submit to the Council for approval, prior to commencement of the development, a Training and Recruitment Plan.

The developer to implement the agreed Plan.  The training and Employment plan will include:

a) employment initiatives opportunities relating to the construction of the Development and details of sector delivery;

b) the provision of appropriate training with the objectives of ensuring effective transition into work and sustainable job outcomes;

c) the timings and arrangements for implementation of such initiatives; and,

d) suitable mechanisms for the monitoring of the effectiveness of

such initiatives

2. A financial contribution towards the management and delivery of the construction training programme based on the construction value of the development.  This is usually calculated using the formula: £2500 per £1m build cost.

3. The developer to use all reasonable endeavours to secure the use of local suppliers and apprentices during the construction of the development.


v       A provision of carbon reduction on-site and payment of any offset if zero carbon reduction is not achieved on-site, as determined by the final carbon reduction achieved on site as per Condition 24  of this permission.  Based on the submitted Energy and Sustainability Statement – this is currently estimated at a financial contribution of £15,390.00 towards carbon offsetting measures.

vi     Legal Agreement Monitoring fee (£2000)

vii    Legal Fees:  Payment of Harrow Council’s reasonable costs in the preparation of the legal agreement.




That if the outstanding drainage matters are not addressed to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority and the Section 106 Agreement is not completed by 24th September 2023, or as such extended period as may be agreed by the Chief Planning Officer, then it is recommended to delegate the decision to REFUSE planning permission to the Chief Planning Officer on the grounds that:


1.              In the absence of an adequate flood risk assessment and associated details fails to appropriately address the potential flood risk of the development, contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (2021), policies SI12 and SI13 of The London Plan (2021), Core Strategy (2012) policy CS1, and policies DM9 and DM10 of the Harrow Development Management Polices Local Plan; and/or


2.              The proposed development, in the absence of a Legal Agreement to provide appropriate improvements, benefits and monitoring that directly relate to the development, would fail to adequately mitigate the impact of the development on the wider area and provide for necessary physical infrastructural improvements arising directly from the development, contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (2021), policies T3 and DF1 of The London Plan (2021), Core Strategy (2012) policy CS1, Harrow & Wealdstone Area Action Plan Policies AAP2, AAP4, AAP10, AAP13, AAP19 and AAP20, and policies DM1, DM43 and DM 50 of the Harrow Development  Management Polices Local Plan and the Supplementary Planning Document: Planning Obligations & Affordable Housing (2013).




The Committee wished it to be recorded that the decision to grant the application was unanimous.

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