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Proposed West Drive and Bellfield Avenue Conservation Area Designation - Outcomes of Consultation and Recommendations


The Panel received a report and presentation which detailed the outcomes of the recent consultation on the proposed West Drive and Bellfield Avenue Conservation Area in Harrow Weald which ran for a period of six weeks from 20 February 2023 to 3 April 2023.  It was noted that the matter had been previously considered by the Panel at its meeting on 30 November 2023 and Cabinet had agreed to its recommendation that consultation should occur on the proposed area.


Members were informed of the responses received and that, as a result, two minor amendments were proposed to the boundary.  These amendments removed 30 and 32 Bellfield Avenue from the proposed conservation area and included 128, 130 and 132 Uxbridge Road.  The revised boundary therefore comprised 1-41 consecutive West Drive, 1-29, 31 and 33-47 consecutive Bellfield Avenue, all of West Drive Gardens and 128, 130 and 132 Uxbridge Road.


In response to a question, the Panel was informed that 30 and 32 Bellfield Avenue were of more modern architecture and it therefore made sense to omit these.  Numbers 128, 130 and 132 Uxbrdige Road were 1930s mock tudor properties, with 128 being locally listed.


Historic England’s response to the consultation was that there did not appear to be a clear case made for the special architectural and historic interest of the area to warrant designation.  This was similar to the officer assessment considered by the Panel in November 2022, which noted the case was ‘marginal’.  The Chair advised the Panel that residents of the roads under discussion had been upset and had campaigned when the roads had been removed from a conservation area in 2015.  The consultation had provided the opportunity for the residents to redress this if they so wished.


In response to questions, it was noted that:


·                 the proposed areas had previously been in a conservation area but had been excluded from the formation of a new one in the area.  As there had been no further review of conservation areas there had not been the opportunity for their inclusion elsewhere;


·                 the top of West Drive was already in a conservation area and the properties in Lakeland Close were of modern architexture;


·                 numbers 30 and 32 Bellfield Avenue were quite modern and distinctive so it was practical to omit them from the conservation area;


·                 Historic England had not raised formal objections to the proposals.


It was moved and seconded that the proposed West Drive and Bellfield Avenue Conservation Area not be recommended to Cabinet.  Upon being put to the vote the motion was lost.  The proposed conservation area together with the revisions arising from the consultation responses was put to the vote and carried.




(1)            the outcomes of the consultation undertaken on the proposed West Drive and Bellfield Avenue conservation area be noted;


(2)            the responses received as a result of the additional letters sent in response to comments received during the formal consultation period and which impacted upon the proposed boundary be noted;


(3)            the amended proposed conservation area boundary be noted;


(4)            the revised area be recommended to Cabinet for designation as the ‘West Drive and Bellfield Avenue Conservation Area’, subject to any further consultation responses received which would be formally reported to Cabinet.

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