Agenda item

Revenue Budget 2023/24 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2023/24 to 2025/26

Recommendation II:



(16 February 2023)



Upon the meeting moving to the vote on the substantive Recommendation it was carried.  The voting was as follows:


In Favour of the Recommendation:  Her Worshipful the Mayor Councillor Janet Mote, David Ashton, Marilyn Ashton, Christopher Baxter, June Baxter, Philip Benjamin, Bharadia, Blackman, Chauhan, Chowdhury, Goodwin-Freeman, Greek, Halai, Hall, Hirani, Idaikkadar, Jogia, Karia, Kumaran, Lammiman, Moshenson, Osborn, Mina Parmar, Anjana Patel, Pritesh Patel, Rabadia, Stevenson, Sumaria, Teli and Wagman.


Against the Recommendation:  Councillors Dan Anderson, Peymana Assad, Simon Brown, Choudhury, Gilligan, Graham Henson, Maxine Henson, Hickman, Hussain, Kalu, Kulig, Miles, O’Dell, Parekh, Perry, Varsha Parmar, Proctor, Shah-Levy, Shah, Krishna Suresh, Sasi Suresh and Weiss.


Abstain: Councillor Sasi Suresh


Absent:  Councillor Ghazanfar Ali, Kandy Dolor, Vipin Mithani.




(1)           the 2023/24 budget, being mindful of consultation results, be approved to enable the Council Tax for 2023/24 to be set;


(2)           the Model Council Tax Resolution 2023/24, as set out in Appendix 11 to the officer report, be approved;


(3)           in accordance with Section 38 (2) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, the Chief Executive be instructed to place a notice in the local press of the amounts set under Resolution 2 above within a period of 21 days following the Council’s decision.


(4)           the Medium-Term Financial Strategy, set out in Appendix 2 to the officer report, be approved;  


(5)           the 2023/24 Members’ Allowances Scheme, set out in Appendix 12 to the officer report, be approved;


(6)           the 2023/24 Annual Pay Policy Statement, set out in Appendix 13 to the officer report, be approved;


(7)           the Capital Receipts Flexibility Strategy, set out in Appendix 14 to the officer report, be approved.

Supporting documents: