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Progress update on Health and Care Integration

Presentation from the Managing Director of Harrow Integrated Care Partnership.



The Sub-Committee received a presentation from the Managing Director Harrow Integrated Care Partnership, which gave a progress update on health and care integration.  The following points were raised:


·                 Through the Health Care Bill, two key bodies would be established, the Integrated Care Board (ICB) and the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).


·                 The ICB would begin on 1 July 2022 and the NW London CCG would continue its duties until 30 June 2022.  CCGs would be disestablished under the new act and their functions would be mostly moved to the ICS bodies.


·                 The NW London ICS vision was to improve people’s life expectancy and quality of life, for inequalities to be reduced and for health outcomes to be achieved on par with the best global cities.


·                 Both the ICB and ICP will be chaired by Penny Dash.  ICP had representatives from all local authorities in NW London and would set the strategy ICS.  The ICB developed the plan for the strategy outlined by the ICP.


·                 Borough based partnerships were critical drivers for change in the new system and the Harrow Borough Based Partnership bought together multiple organisations which would focus on better health and wellbeing for all.


·                 Their three main objectives included: for health inequalities to be reduced; for out of hospital integrated teams to be developed and for transformational changed to be delivered in care pathways.


The Chair thanked officers and NHS representatives for their updates.  The Sub-Committee asked questions as followed:


·                 An Adviser wanted clarification regarding the position of primary care governance under the new arrangement, to which the Borough Director for Harrow within the NW London CCG explained that at local level there was a primary care executive group which would look at resources, investments and other primary care matters.  For NW London there was the Primary Care Executive Committee which was the decision-making committee for NW London.


·                 A Member of the Sub-Committee asked of the key milestones ahead as well as for the progress on the establishment of the Borough Based Partnership.  It was explained that the Harrow Based Partnership was formed just prior to the pandemic and a borough was plan was being planned, derived from the health and wellbeing strategy.


·                 A Member asked what the key messages Councillors should be communicating to residents were, to which it was explained that better integration of services was what the ICS wanted to achieve.  Feedback from residents would be welcomed on the integration of services, particularly when patients had complex needs that required multiple services.


·                 The Chair asked how the priorities were developed and how might progress be measured and targeted in the areas that need it most.  The Managing DirectorHarrow Integrated Care Partnership explained that the priorities of each organisation that made up the partnership needed to be understood and the leadership team from across the organisations came together to develop these priorities and the key performance indicators were under development.


The Chair then asked if reports on progress meeting the priorities would be presented to the sub-committee, to which the Managing Director Harrow Integrated Care Partnership raised that reporting would take place at the joint management board but would be happy to present reporting against the key indicators.


In addition, the Chair asked what key messages councillors should be sending to residents, to which it was raised that awareness of which services would be the most appropriate.  For example, the use of 111 services.  Also, feedback would be welcomed on how information could be better signposted and how processes could be improved.


·                 A Member of the Sub-Committee asked what measures had been taken for information sharing to be improved.  The Managing DirectorHarrow Integrated Care Partnership explained that a lot of work had been done to improve appropriate information sharing but noted that that some services had differing systems and agreed that information sharing needed to be improved.


RESOLVED:  That the report be noted and that a report on the progress of health and care integration against their key indicators be presented to the Sub-Committee.

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