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Information Report – Harrow Children Looked After (CLA) Health Report

Report and Presentation - Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


The Panel received a report and a presentation from a representative (Named Nurse from CLA Harrow) of the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


The report set out the delivery of health services to Harrow’s Children Looked After (CLA) during April - June 2021 in line with the national guidance.  The report reviewed the service and included clinical work undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Named Nurse referred to her presentation circulated with the agenda and outlined the KPIs (key performance indicators) set by the Harrow CCG (clinical commissioning group) and Harrow Council which was to achieve 100% compliance in respect of initial health assessments and review health assessments of CLA within a required period.


The Named Nurse added that reporting by exception was key in capturing those young people who refused health assessments, were placed out of the borough, identify missing children and where requests had been received late.  The CLA team also assisted the Council in providing services such as  records of dental and optician checks, immunisation status and monitor GP registration of CLA.  She referred to the slide which set out the KPIs for Harrow CLA from July to December 2021 and explained that:


-                   the number of CLA seen for IHA (initial health assessment) from July until December 2021 had ranged from 67% - 100% which was an achievement.  Those seen for RHS (repeat health assessment) ranged from 93% - 100% and ought to be applauded


-                   the lower figure of 82% IHA for October 2021 was as a result of two CLA falling outside the timescale of 20 operational days/28 calendar days.  Attempts had been made to avoid this situation, but it was the only time that this had happened given the Covid-19 pandemic


-                   the CLA team had experienced issues around DNA.


The Panel was also advised that, in relation to Covid-19 immunisation, the requirements for health and social care staff to be double jabbed was subject to change by recent government announcement.


Members were also informed of:


-                   training and meetings attended by the CLA team as outlined on pages 67 and 68 of the agenda.  Further training to tier 4 was being sought to ensure involvement in discharge planning.  Clinical supervision training was being sought  for help those children experiencing mental health issues;


-                   new processes, including projects, that the CLA team were taking forward which would assist both the team and help support young people better.  These measures were outlined on page 69 of the agenda.  The VVE team would provide the CLA team with weekly and timely updates in respect of the health assessments and to  explain the reasons for any assessments missed which would help counteract those missing;


-                   the Peer Review of the Harrow CLA Service had had a positive outcome and the team was developing templates which would help extract data in an efficient manner.  This would help to develop and move the service forward for the benefit of young people;


-                   the challenges around dental health checks appeared to have been resolved and foster carers were provided with relevant contact details;


-                   and, where appropriate, referred to the Harrow Community Dental Services for urgent treatment.


Members were pleased with the positive outcomes in respect of dental health and enquired about the how health assessment had been and were being conducted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Named Nurse informed the Panel that the default position was face-to-face meetings.  If a young person had tested positive for Covid-19, then the assessment would be carried out virtually, including for those not willing to engage.  A Member recognised that there were advantages and disadvantages in all modes of delivery, but a face-to-face approach was considered beneficial as it helped to build relationships.  She also recognised that some young people might be more ‘open’ if assessment were conducted virtually and that others might be unforthcoming.


Members applauded the joined up working between the CLA team and the Council’s social workers and the work carried out in addressing the backlog.


The Named Nurse thanked Members for their support and referred to the Corporate Parenting Strategy at agenda item 8 which aspired to engage with young people.  She suggested that both authorities would benefit by working jointly which would also help to improve services.  This was welcomed by the Council’s Head of Corporate Parenting.


RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.

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