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The Integrated Care Partnership 100 Day Plan


Members received the Harrow Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) 100 Day Plan: Developing our Understanding and Delivering Action.


In February 2020, the Harrow Health and Care Partnership produced their first 100-day plan, setting out the next 100 days of the ICP development.  In June 2020, following the first wave of the coronavirus (Covid -19), the Harrow Health and Care Executive produced their Out of Hospital Recovery Plan.  The Plan built on what the partnership had rapidly learnt over the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the long-term aspirations of this partnership; delivery of integrated, person centred care. 


Four strategic conversations were then held to shape the way forward:


1)              Putting patients and citizens at the heart of the ICP - including in the planning, delivery and assurance of better health and care outcomes;


2)              Holding the ICP to account?  Including the role of primary care leadership, future of commissioning, self-assurance, conflict resolution and relationship with the ICS;


3)              Reaffirming the shared delivery commitments - including the operational changes and workstream development to support the above; and


4)              Developing the shared culture - including how to make this real for people, engaging staff, integrated training and development, and promoting staff wellbeing.


The priorities for the 100- day plan have been developed through:


a)              the outcomes of the Harrow Health and Care Executive four strategic conversations, the key conclusions from which were: the need to start engaging the wider workforce, giving people the permission / freedom to start the process of integration; the importance of values but the need for these to come from people, not from the system leadership; the consistent themes from the conversation sessions around improving access, jointly developing workforce, and embedding community voices; and the need for the next “100 day plan” to be about empowering, asking others and addressing power dynamics, not just providing a new set of workstreams and priorities.  Potential availability of support and funding to enable this journey through dedicated transformation funding;


b)              the priorities of the transformational workstreams and how the work was being driven to reduce health inequalities, improve care and develop a sustainable local health care system;


c)              the commitment to the delivery of the ICP priority areas that had been set across North West London and the set of metrics that had been agreed to measure their delivery; reducing health inequalities - Population Health Management underpinning all decisions; development of Primary Care Networks and reducing Primary Care variation; integrating and organising teams at a neighbourhood level; diabetes – achieve new specifications to improve health; and community mental health – deliver model and access as agreed by North West London Vaccines, addressing hesitancy and post-Covid-19 care; and


d)              the development of the wider Integrated Care System in North West London and the need to deliver system priorities, including having a robust Borough Delivery Plan in place.


Members queried the role of safeguarding, which seemed to be missing from the Plan.


It was advised that the Plan was still in transition, and safeguarding would be included. A new post was being created to deal with that.


RESOLVED: That the Plan be noted.

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