Agenda item

1/01, Premier House, P/2766/20


PROPOSAL:  change of use of the Banqueting Suite (Sui Generis) and educational floor space (Use Class D1) in addition to extensions to provide new residential accommodation (Use Class C3) together with a flexible commercial workspace use (Use Class B1).


Following a question from a Member on cladding, it was advised that Condition 9 on materials would ensure that appropriate facing materials were used.


The Committee resolved to accept officer recommendations.




The Planning Committee was asked to:


1)            agree the reasons for approval as set out in the report, and


2)            grant planning permission subject to authority being delegated to the Interim Chief Planning Officer in consultation with the Director of Legal and Governance Services for the completion of the Section 106 legal agreement and other enabling legislation and issue of the planning permission, subject to amendments to the conditions, including the insertion or deletion of condition as deemed fit and appropriate to the development or the amendments to the legal agreement as required.


The Section 106 Agreement - Heads of Terms would cover the following matters:


Affordable Housing


The provision of six discounted market rent units to be secured in perpetuity at:


·           80% of open market rents;

·           Affordable Housing Statement; and

·           Early and late stage viability reviews.


Build to Rent


·           a restrictive covenant and clawback mechanism to ensure the development of Premier House remains a Build to Rent scheme; and

·           Build to Rent Management Plan


Transport and Highways


the development to be ‘resident permit restricted’ and the developer to ensure that: (i) all marketing/advertising material makes reference to the fact that; and (ii) all sales and lettings agreements contain a covenant to the effect that; future owners, occupiers and tenants (other than those that are registered disabled) will not be entitled to apply for a residents parking permit or a visitor parking permit.


Children and Young People’s Play space


·           a financial contribution of £2,280 to fund off-site provision (including enhancements to existing provision where appropriate) of play space and equipment.


Carbon Offset


·           a financial contribution prior to commencement of the development for the shortfall in on-site carbon reductions required to achieve net zero carbon in line with the GLA rates (to be determined based on a revised energy strategy that reflects a more detailed assessment).  Verification of post-completion or final onsite emissions will inform any further offset contribution that may be required.


Decentralised Energy Network


·           sufficient space and a safeguarded route to allow connection to any future district decentralised energy network.


Design Review and Design Code


·           an undertaking by the developer to the existing architect (or one of equivalent standard) until the development is completed; or, the submission of a Design Code for approval by the Council that details the quality of the external materials of the finished development and other design parameters.


Employment and Training


·           a financial contribution to be paid by the developer to fund local employment and training programmes and the submission of a Training and Recruitment Plan;

·           the developer to use all reasonable endeavours to secure the use of local suppliers and apprentices during the construction of the development; and

·           submission of an Employment Management Plan.


Legal Costs, Administration and Monitoring


·           a financial contribution (to be agreed) to be paid by the developer to the Council; and

·           to reimburse the Council’s legal costs associated with the preparation of the planning obligation and a further contribution (to be agreed) to be paid to reimburse the Council’s administrative costs associated with monitoring compliance with the obligation terms.




That if the Section 106 Agreement was not completed by 31 May 2021 or such extended period as may be agreed in writing by the Interim Chief Planning Officer, the section 106 Planning Obligation is not completed, then delegate the decision to the Divisional Director of Planning to REFUSE planning permission for the appropriate reason.


The proposed development, in the absence of a Legal Agreement to provide appropriate improvements, benefits and monitoring that directly relate to the development, would fail to adequately mitigate the impact of the development on the wider area and provide for necessary social, environmental and physical infrastructural improvements arising directly from the development, contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (2019), Policies 3.6, 3.11, 5.2, 6.3, 6.13 and 8.2 of the London Plan (2016), Policies D4, H11, S4, SI2, T4, T6, T6.1 and DF1 of the Publication London Plan (2020), Policy CS1 of the Harrow Core Strategy (2012) and Policies DM12, DM28, DM42, DM43, DM50, of the Harrow Development Management Policies Local Plan (2013) and the Harrow Planning Obligations SPD (2013).




The Committee wished it to be recorded that the decision to grant the application was by a majority of votes.


Councillors Ali, Brown, Maru and Robson voted for the application.


Councillors Ashton, Baxter and Patel abstained from voting on the application.

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