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INFORMATION REPORT - Harrow Children Looked After Health (CLA) Report

Report of the Head of Children’s Services and Operations, CNWL NHS Foundation


The Panel received a report of the Head of Children’s Services and Operations, Central and Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust, which set out the delivery of health services to Harrow’s Children Looked After (CLA) during December 2017 to February 2018.  The report also reviewed performance indicators and the clinical work undertaken by the CLA health team.


Emma Hedley, named nurse for CLA, introduced the report and was applauded for achieving 100% in the carrying out of health assessments within statutory timescales.  She informed Members that the good partnership working arrangements between the social workers and the CLA health team had helped to achieve this figure.  Members were informed that:


·                     bi-monthly monitoring meetings between the Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) relating to CLA would cease and the  group would now meet on a quarterly basis;


·                     the CLA health team had attended all strategic and partnership meetings to support the health needs of CLA;


·                     training on the health needs of CLA had been delivered to Health Visitors and School Nurses studying at Oxford Brooke’s University;


·                     a further report would be submitted on the client satisfaction survey ‘Voice of the Child and Care Leavers’ once the responses had been analysed;


·                     the Council’s website had been updated to allow CLA to access details about the CLA health team


·                     partnership working had helped to address specific challenges with CLA. Emma Hedley provided an example of the issue and the positive outcome reached;


·                     the annual report would be presented to the Panel in autumn.


In response to questions, Emma Hedley, named nurse for CLA, and Zoe Sargent, Head of Children’s Services and Operations at CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, replied as follows:


·                     Compass was a drug and alcohol service;


·                     where CLA were placed outside the borough, the CLA health team, accompanied by a specialist nurse, would visit them provided they were within a 20 mile range.  Where CLA were placed further away, the relevant local authority would liaise with the team at Harrow.  Quality assurance reports were exchanged and the authority would be asked to revisit them if the Harrow team were not satisfied with the report produced;


·                     where another local authority had placed its CLA in Harrow, the health team would carry out visits in accordance with the Harrow timetable but it would prioritise the health needs of Harrow’s children.  It was noted that the other local authorities had commended the CNWL for its health reports;


·                     meetings were held to monitor CLA and experiences were shared amongst different teams to improve outcomes and learning.


Members congratulated the CNWL team for their work and welcomed the Designated Doctor to the team.




(1)          the report be noted;


(2)          a report on the analysis relating to the satisfaction survey ‘Voice of the Child and Care Leavers’ be submitted to the next meeting of the Panel;


(3)          it be noted that the annual report would be submitted to the October 2018 meeting of the Panel.


Reason for Decision:  To be availed of health service delivery, including targets met.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected:  None.

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