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Planning Policy Advisory Panel

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Information about Planning Policy Advisory Panel

The Terms of Reference and Delegated Powers of the Planning Policy Advisory Panel are:


1.              To provide input into the development of planning policy within the borough by giving detailed consideration to:


(a)            the Local Development Framework / Local Plan and its Development Plan Documents and matters incidental thereto;

(b)            representations received to Development Plan Documents and any amendments proposed;

(c)            monitoring the implementation of the Framework / Local Plan, its review and modification as necessary.


2.              To provide input into all other planning policy matters such as the designation of Conservation Areas and amendments to their boundaries and the designation of locally listed buildings.


3.              To give detailed consideration to and make recommendations to Cabinet in respect of:


(a)            The use of the Community Infrastructure Levies (CIL) funds;

(b)            Reviewing and commenting upon changes to the CIL Charging Schedule and S106 Supplementary Planning Documents (SPG).


4.              To oversee the implementation of the Borough Wide CIL / Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) prepared to support strategic growth in the Borough and to make recommendations to Cabinet where appropriate


5.              To oversee the development of proposals for individual major development sites or significant capital / infrastructure projects within the borough including:


(a)            Providing comments on pre application proposals received by the Council for such sites;

(b)            Reviewing progress of strategic development sites within the borough and considering site specific planning and development briefs.