Issue - meetings

Representations on Planning Applications

Meeting: 21/01/2009 - Development Management Committee (Item 314)

Representations on Planning Applications

To confirm whether representations are to be received, under Committee Procedure Rule 18 (Part 4B of the Constitution), from objectors and applicants regarding planning applications on the agenda.


The Committee received a late request for a representation on item 2/08 – Land Adjacent to 1 May Tree Lane, Stanmore.  This item had been deferred from the last meeting of the Committee for a Member site visit.  This was in addition to another request received by the deadline specified by Committee Procedure Rule 18.2.


RESOLVED: That (1) in accordance with the provisions of Committee Procedure Rule 27.1 (Part 4B of the Constitution), Committee Procedure Rule 18 be suspended for item 2/08 to receive representations;


(2)  in accordance with the provisions of Committee Procedure Rule 18 (Part 4B of the Constitution), representations be received in respect of item 5/01 on the list of planning applications.