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The Keeping of a Child in Secure Accommodation

Meeting: 30/01/2006 - Social Services Appeals Panel (Item 41)

41 Formal Complaint about the Provision of Social Services

Management Case statement


Appendix A – Statement from the Complainant


Appendix B – Adjudicating Officer’s Response


Appendix C – Investigating Officer’s Report


Appendix D – Independent Person’s Statement

Additional documents:


The Panel received the documentation relevant to this matter (as listed on the agenda), including a report of the Independent Investigator, which set out the background to the complaint, and the management response to the complaint.


The Panel carefully reviewed the case, and after taking into account views expressed by the Complainant, the Investigating Officer and on behalf of the People First Directorate, it was


RESOLVED: That a copy of the Panel’s decision be provided to the Director of Social Services.