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Covid-19 and Vaccination Update

Meeting: 28/09/2021 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 156)

Covid-19 and Vaccination Progress and Update

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Members received the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Vaccination Update Report for Harrow.


Rates of Covid-19 in the borough initially increased with the return to school.  However, rates had subsequently decreased and remained at under 100 per day.  The general trend showed a stable rate in the over 60 population, and the focus was on any impact on hospital admissions.  The increasing rates in school age children was not leading to hospitalisations.


Hospitals had seen a steady number of people being admitted with Covid-19 but they faced continued pressure due to non Covid-19 related admissions.


Vaccination rates were continuing to increase slowly and there was plenty of slots available for those wishing to be vaccinated.  There were significant inequalities in vaccination uptake with people of Black heritage and those living in the most deprived parts of the borough.


The universal vaccination programme for 12- to 15-year- olds was now being rolled out across schools by the NHS using a test and learn approach.


The third dose programme was being rolled out for all groups and was available for anyone who had their second dose 6 months ago or more.


The mandated vaccination of care home staff was being carefully monitored for all staff intending to continue working in care homes.


The annual flu programme had started with a need to carefully coordinate delivery alongside the Covid-19 programme.


The guidance on Covid-19 remained: to follow the “Keep Harrow Safe” guidelines of “Hands, Face, Space, Ventilate” even for those who had been double vaccinated.


The Board thanked all partners for their hard work in ensuring that as many people as possible were vaccinated.


RESOLVED: That the update be noted.