Issue - meetings


Meeting: 15/07/2021 - Cabinet (Item 494)



Having declared the July Cabinet meeting open, the Leader of the Council made the following clarifications in relation to the conduct of the meeting: 


·                 The meeting was being held in the Council Chamber at Harrow Civic Centre with Councillors Phillip O’Dell, Natasha Proctor, Peymana Assad and himself as the Leader present in the room.


·                 The other members of Cabinet(Councillors Sue Anderson, Simon Brown, Keith Ferry, Christine Robson, Krishna Suresh and John Higgins (voluntary sector representative)) had joined the meeting virtually.


·                 Councillors Marilyn Ashton, Anjana Patel and Kantilal Rabadia (for item 5 – Councillors questions) and Councillors Sachin Shah and Stephen Greek who would be invited to speak briefly on the reference from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in relation to  item 9 – Harrow Strategic Development Partnership – Contract Close and Establishment had also joined the meeting virtually.