Agenda item

Annual Parking Programme Review

Report of the Corporate Director, Place


The Panel received the Annual Parking Review report, which provided information about the identification, prioritisation, development and implementation of parking management schemes in Harrow.


The Panel were informed about requests for parking schemes received by the Council, and recommended a programme of work for 2024/25. 


The Panel welcomed the standardisation of parking times for Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) across the borough, as this would bring uniformity. 


Resolved to RECOMMEND:  (to the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Highways):




(1)            the list of parking management schemes for 2024/25 as shown in Appendix B to the officer report be recommended, subject to confirmation of the capital funding allocation for 2024/25 at Cabinet;


(2)            officers be authorised to carry out scheme design and consultation on the parking management schemes listed in Appendix B to the officer report;


(3)            officers be authorised to implement the parking management schemes listed in Appendix B to the officer report subject to further reports being provided on the outcomes of public and statutory consultation and receiving approval of Portfolio Holder to proceed; and


(4)            any substantive new requests received to undertake a controlled parking scheme or review that were not included within the agreed programme or priority list in Appendices B and C to the oficer report be referred to the Panel for consideration.

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