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Road Fatalities Review

Report of the Director of Environmental Services.


The Panel received the report of the Director of Environment.  The report provided Members with an update on the traffic related incidents resulting in fatalities on borough roads in the past 18 months.  The officer gave the following updates:


Pinner Road/Station Road Junction (North Harrow)


The incident was an HGV on cyclist collision which occurred on Saturday 21 August 2021 at 15:18hrs at the Pinner Road/Station Road junction.


·                 Update - March 2023

The Police report confirmed that no highway factors were identified in relation to this incident however, it was suggested that cyclists could share footway space on all approaches to the junction, in particular the south-eastern arm.


·                 Update July 2023

Improvements for walking and cycling at this junction were being looked at as part of a review of three major junctions in North Harrow along with a cycling scheme and speed reduction scheme.  Feasibility, design and consultation and partial implementation would be completed this financial year.


Mollison Way


The incident was a car-on-car collision which occurred on Sunday, 20 March 2022 at 08:30hrs.


·                 Update March 2023

A review of the borough was currently underway which would prioritise locations for 20mph zones and limits.


·                 Update July 2023

The initial assessment of locations in the borough resulted in Mollison Way scoring the highest of all roads in the prioritisation process.  It was agreed to proceed with design work immediately.  Design, consultation and implementation would be carried out this financial year.


Uxbridge Road/Waxwell Lane Junction (Pinner)


The incident occurred on Sunday, 31 July 2022 at 18:23hrs involving a car and an elderly male pedestrian. 


·                 Update March 2023

The Police report recommended repositioning the central islands, particularly the one to the east of the junction and improvements to pedestrian crossing facilities.


Options to improve pedestrian crossing at this location were being investigated and would be reviewed by the Leader of the Council.


·                 Update July 2023

Investigation work was on-going.  Design and consultation would be completed this financial year, implementation would be subject to the availability of sufficient TfL funding this financial year.


Culver Grove (near junction with St Andrew’s Close) (Centenary)


The incident occurred on Sunday, 7 August 2022 at 00:15hrs involving a car and a 62-year-old man who passed away at the location.


·                 Update March 

The Police report did not identify any highway factors and recommended clearing back any foliage from street lighting.  This took place during the site visit.


George V Avenue


The incident occurred at 10:55am on Friday 14 April 2023 involving a 65-year-old man and a car.  The pedestrian was initially seriously injured but sadly passed away.


Officers met with the Police on 14 June 2023.  The full police investigation had not been concluded at the time of writing the committee report.


At this stage, it had not been confirmed that speed was a factor however, automatic.


Update on the Police Recommendations:


·                 That the wild grass and flowers be trimmed/removed by LB Harrow as soon as practicable to improve the vision for pedestrians and vehicles at the location. – Officers confirmed that the trimming/removal of wild grass and flowers had been completed.


·                 That road markings at the location should be refreshed by LB Harrow as soon as practicable.  Officers confirmed that this was yet to be untaken but would be done soon.


·                 That a pedestrian count be carried out by LB Harrow at this location to determine the volume of pedestrians using the bridleway and crossing the road at this location.  - Officers confirmed that the pedestrian count had been carried out.


·                 If the result of the pedestrian count was significant then it was recommended that LB Harrow should consider the installation of  a pedestrian crossing point at this location. – Officers confirmed that that result of the pedestrian count was received last week.


·                 Speed survey was carried out at the location and LB Harrow were awaiting the results.  If vehicle speeds were found to be an issue then appropriate solutions could be discussed. – Officers confirmed that they had received the results of the speed  survey.


Members asked the following questions:


·                 A Member asked about progress on the Pinner Road /Station Road junction scheme.  He said that road widening was proposed but no progress had been reported.  The officer explained that they were aware of the previous proposals which were being reviewed. Investigations were ongoing to determine if the measures proposed are sufficient to address the issues.


·                 An Adviser commented that it was 2 years since a cyclist had been killed.   Despite previous assurances from officers, Harrow Cyclists had not received any designs to comment on so.  She asked if officers could confirm that the design will be compliant with LTN 120 and that no shared space will be allowed at this junction.  The officer explained that the scheme was still in design and previous proposals were being reviewed to ensure that they were appropriate and any needed alterations to the scheme could be made and would adhere to all relevant legislation.  She also explained that scheme was being taken forward as part of wider projects involving  bigger junctions in the area and although there was a cycle route that through there, any cycle design would not include that junction intentionally because it was being taken forward as part of a wider projects.


·                 An Adviser commented on George V Avenue which was near a very important access for green space in both Pinner and Headstone due to the mental health benefits as the only farm.  It was important that it was a safe place for or people to go walking and how needed a safe crossing.  She suggested lowering the speed limit and putting in the speed table ideally at a point where the bridleway crosses King George V to help get rid of boy racers and also to make it safe for people who wanted fresh air and exercise.


·                 A Member asked for clarity on the timeframes for Pinner Road Schemes - on what was the earliest timeline  so that be some time before we are able to give an update on that project.  The officer explained that they were still confident for partial implementation by the end of the year financial year but it would depend on the outcomes of the initial investigation.  Implementation of the Cycle Scheme might positively affect some schemes time-wise.  Finalised designs would be shared with ward councillors.  The Chair requested an update (perhaps a short note to the Panel) on this scheme by end of August to keep ward councillors and residents updated.


·                 An Adviser questioned the purpose of CPZ’s and if they were ever reviewed.  He suggested that in changing times and habits perhaps, they out to be reviewed to reflect these to ensure effectiveness.  The officer explained that CPZ’s were automatically reviewed three years ago and since then there was an agreement that they would be reviewed in three time periods.  The Chair also explained that most CPZ’s were demand led by residents and enjoyed majority support.  It was discussed that perhaps there the Panel could push for a borough wide review of all the parking zones and it was suggested that all Councillors could be asked to participate in the review.


RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.

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