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Local Transport Fund Schemes 2021/22

Report of the Corporate Director of Community



Prior to the consideration of the report of the Corporate Director of Community, the Panel received a Deputation (Minute 112 also refers).


Title of Deputation 1

Please join up the gaps in Harrow's cycle network and ensure that the proposed cycle network is incorporated in all future road schemes.

Reason for Deputation

Please use the Local Transport Fund to join up the Pinner Road cycle track and proposed George V Avenue cycle lanes. (re: 2 Mar 2021 Agenda Items 9 (LTF Schemes) and 10 (Cycling programme update).


In summary, the two Deputees highlighted that there was a need to have funding and schemes consolidated and for cycle routes to be interconnected, with quality set as the priority.  It was emphasised that there was a demand for cycle routes to more direct to key points of interest as well as introducing ‘double stop lines’ for cyclists.


Cyclist’ safety was raised as a key issue preventing the public from cycling in Harrow, with that said the Deputees supported the review of the George V Avenue and Pinner Road Junction which could help improve pedestrian safety for the nearby school.  A cycle lane along George V avenue was also suggested as way to improve cycle networks that would lead to the Centre of Harrow.


It was encouraged that panel set objectives to increase cycle use in Harrow for progress to be measured.  This led to the presentation highlighting that there was a need to have suitable cycle infrastructure to match areas that had been recently developed and where parking and driving of cars would likely be impractical


The Chair thanked the Deputees for their presentation and welcomed questions from the Panel, to which the Deputees responded by noting:


·                     If incorporated and improved signalisation was put in place for that junction to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians as well as the cycle lane being extended for cycle lanes to be better connected.


The Panel showed concern over how cyclists and car users would use the same roads effectively as well as the actual demand of cycling within Harrow.


The Panel received a report from the Corporate Director of Community.  An Officer outlined that  a provisional funding offer had been made by the Transport For London (TFL) but was still subject to confirmation, the report outlined a list of potential schemes - which met with TFL objectives - that the Council could choose from, with a maximum potential value of up to £100,000.


Cllr Peymana Assad, seconded by Cllr James Lee. proposed the following recommended schemes from the report which included:



Description of works

Bus Priority

Roxeth Hill / Lower Road / Shaftesbury Avenue Carry out a review of signalised junction layout and timings to improve bus movement.


And Cycling

Additional funds to provide local cycle facilities to connect the TfL Cycleway from Station Road, Harrow to the Kenton Road in the Greenhill ward.

Vision Zero

Royston Park Road – Speed reduction measures

Bus Priority

Introduce a dial a ride facility in Havelock Road in Harrow Town Centre.


With the addition that if there was any surplus funding a bus review was to be carried out of the Kenton Lane/ Streatfield Road  signalised junction to help with the right turn buses at the Kenton Library.


The Panel discussed the report and the potential list of schemes available, with it being highlighted that it was important to consider the type of road hump used in the schemes, as it was suggested that full width speed humps would be much more effective at slowing traffic.


RESOLVED:  A recommended list of four schemes was agreed by the Panel, with a scheme to carry out a review of all pelican crossings in the borough and prioritise sites for the inclusion of countdown facilities and implement changes in consultation with Transport for London being the 5th priority.

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