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Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel

This page lists the meetings for Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel.


Information about Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel

The Traffic Advisory Panel has the following duties and responsibilities:


To make recommendations on the following:


-               traffic management;

-               the management and control of parking both on and off-street;

-               the operational aspects of public transport within the Borough.


Examples of business:


·                     Petitions, Deputations

·                     Scheme Approval (from existing budgets), including consultation results and authority to make traffic orders.

·                     Objections to traffic orders

·                     Investigations into traffic problems (other than those identified by petition etc)

·                     Local Safety Schemes Annual Review

·                     Consultations from neighbouring authorities on traffic management schemes on or near boundary

·                     Amendments to London Lorry Ban operation

·                     Approval of model traffic orders

·                     References and motions from other bodies

·                     Setting traffic management criteria e.g. traffic calming.


Information on how to submit a petition, deputation or public question is available on the council website.