Agenda and minutes

Moved From 6 Feb 2024, Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel - Monday 13 May 2024 6.30 pm, NEW

Venue: The Auditorium - Harrow Council Hub, Kenmore Avenue, Harrow, HA3 8LU

Contact: Mwim Chellah, Senior Democratic & Electoral Services Officer  Tel: 07761 405966 E-mail:


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Attendance by Reserve Members

To note the attendance at this meeting of any duly appointed Reserve Members.

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RESOLVED:  To note the attendance at this meeting of the following duly appointed Reserve Members:


Ordinary Member


Reserve Member


Councillor Asif Hussain


Councillor Vipin Mithani

Councillor Simon Brown


Councillor Kanti Rabadia





Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of disclosable pecuniary or non pecuniary interests, arising from business to be transacted at this meeting, from all Members present.

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RESOLVED: To note that, Councillor Nitin Parekh, who was not a member of the Panel, declared a non-pecuniary interest in that he was a Co-opted Governor of Camrose Primary School, which was situated in an area where a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) was being considered – under Agenda Item 10.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 138 KB

That the minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2023 be taken as read and signed as a correct record.

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RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2023 be taken as read and signed as a correct record.



Public Questions pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To receive any public questions received.


Questions will be asked in the order in which they were received.  There will be a time limit of 15 minutes for the asking and answering of public questions.


[The deadline for receipt of public questions is 3.00 pm, 8 May 2024.  Questions should be sent to

No person may submit more than one question].

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To note that five public questions had been received and responded to.



To receive petitions (if any) submitted by members of the public/Councillors.

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Councillor Nitin Parekh presented a petition containing 77 signatures on behalf of residents of Camrose Avenue.


The terms of reference of the petition were as follows:


“We the undersigned are concerned about congestion and speeding on Camrose Avenue. Speeding has reached breaking point. Parking for residents has become a significant issue especially due to parents at the local school parking indiscriminately and becoming abusive to residents.


The problem of speeding has now become very dangerous, and has quite often resulted in accidents.


It is neither appropriate nor safe for these vehicles to be driven at high speed on this road. We request Harrow Council to address this issue and take appropriate action to relieve residents from this misery.


We are also concerned about the high risk of accidents whilst crossing Camrose Avenue, at the junction with Edgware Road, as there are no filtered lights to allow crossing the road. It is extremely dangerous to cross this area and request the Council to liaise with Barnet Council to make this crossing safer for pedestrians.”


RESOLVED: That the petition be received and referred to the Corporate Director of Place for consideration.



To receive deputations (if any).

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RESOLVED: To note that there were none.


Recommended Item

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Annual Parking Programme Review

Report of the Corporate Director, Place

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The Panel received the Annual Parking Review report, which provided information about the identification, prioritisation, development and implementation of parking management schemes in Harrow.


The Panel were informed about requests for parking schemes received by the Council, and recommended a programme of work for 2024/25. 


The Panel welcomed the standardisation of parking times for Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) across the borough, as this would bring uniformity. 


Resolved to RECOMMEND (to the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Highways): That


1)    the list of parking management schemes for 2024/25 as shown in Appendix B to the officer report be recommended, subject to confirmation of the capital funding allocation for 2024/25 at Cabinet;


2)    Officers be authorised to carry out scheme design and consultation on the parking management schemes listed in Appendix B to the officer report;


3)    Officers be authorised to implement the parking management schemes listed in Appendix B to the officer report subject to further reports being provided on the outcomes of public and statutory consultation and receiving approval of Portfolio Holder to proceed; and


4)    Any substantive new requests received to undertake a controlled parking scheme or review that were not included within the agreed programme or priority list in Appendices B and C to the oficer report be referred to the Panel for consideration.


Resolved Items

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Information Report - Petitions

Report of the Corporate Director, Place

Additional documents:


The Panel received an information report which set out details of the petitions received since the last Panel meeting on 31 October 2023. This provided details of the Council’s investigations and findings where these had been undertaken.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Information Report - 2023/24 Traffic and Parking Schemes Programme Update

Report of the Corporate Director, Place

Additional documents:


The Panel received an information report on the 2023/24 Traffic and Parking Schemes Programme. This was an update on progress with the 2023/24 traffic and parking management programme of works, and those planned for 2024/25. This included schemes funded by Transport for London (TfL) grant and the Harrow Capital Programme.


The Panel inquired on timelines for implementing 20mph zones in the borough. It was envisaged that implementation would be done in the coming weeks.


The Panel also inquired on timelines for consultations. Officers advised that it was expected some of these would be done in the summer.


The Panel gave examples of much-needed crossings, including between Cunningham Park and Marlborough Hill, Old Church Lane, Stanmore, in the vicinity of Stanmore College. Members questioned why had this not been made into a tiger crossing making it safe for cyclists to cross.


Officers confirmed that investigations into the possibility of having tiger crossings were carried out.  However, it would be difficult to fit in tiger crossings on certain roads, for example, Old Church Lane.


The Panel asked what was being done about creating safe routes for children to cycle to school. This was against the background of parents being apprehensive about allowing their children to cycle to school in view of the danger posed by motor vehicles.


Officers responded that the Boroughwide School Healthy Streets programme of 18 school streets in the next three years had been designed to make cycling safer to school.


The Panel commented on the crowded stretches on the Pinner/Harrow Cycleway, including motor vehicles at school drop off and pickup times.  It was proposed that that Reddiford School, St John Fisher School and Vaughan School be included in the first tranche of School Healthy Streets so that the Pinner/Harrow cycleway was safe and clear in those areas at school run times.


Officers advised that locations near schools would be prioritised.


The Panel asked about routes selected in line with Transport for London’s (TfL) Strategic Cycling Analysis (SCA) and where in the SCA priority did Station Road/Sheepcote Road sit. According to the SCA the two highest potential routes were Harrow View/Courtenay Avenue and Sheepcote Road and Station Road between the Northwick Park campus and Wealdstone. Members sought clarification as to why the current list of routes had not included these. 


Officers advised that TfL determined which routes to prioritise in the SCA.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Information Report - Road Fatalities Review

Report of the Corporate Director, Place

Additional documents:


The Panel received an information report on the Road Fatalities Review which provided an update on traffic related incidents resulting in fatalities on Harrow borough roads in the last 18 months and outlined actions taken by officers following these incidents.


Harrow Council, as the Highway Authority, had a statutory duty to investigate casualties and where appropriate, introduce change to mitigate the risk of further occurrences.


The Panel asked if the Council would consider 20mph limit on Kenton Lane, and when other 20mph limits would take effect in the borough and were.


Officers advised that dates would be known in the course of the week. All 2023/24 schemes were scheduled for completion by mid-June 2024.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Information Report - Harrow Long Term Transport Strategy

Report of the Corporate Director, Place

Additional documents:


The Panel received the information report on the draft Long Term Transport Strategy, which was fundamental to tackling the key challenges and ensuring the borough had less congested streets, and residents led healthier and active lifestyles. The Strategy was projected up to 2041.


The Panel commented that numerous strategies had been cited from previous years but nothing had actually happened and questioned what would be different about the new strategy.


Officers advised that it was brand new proposal, and the Panel was encouraged to submit comments to the Traffic Team for consideration. All suggestions would be considered for implementation, where feasible.


The Panel cited page 29, Figure 14, of the Long Term Transport Strategy report, and commented that it was “a misleading map” of cycle routes, as there was only one cycle route in the borough, which was, in Alexandra Avenue. Even then it did not have priority over side roads (unlike cars on the main road). This compared starkly with Cycleway 9 in Hammersmith/Chiswick, which showed a marked increase in cycling and vibrant town centres. Other routes mentioned as “cycle routes” in Harrow were mere white paint which did not protect anyone. 


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Any Other Urgent Business

Which cannot otherwise be dealt with.

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Appointment of Advisers


The Chair introduced the item, and set out the reasons for urgency in that the appointments should have considered earlier in the year.


The Panel unanimously agreed to consider the appointments and: 


RESOLVED: That the following nominees be appointed as Advisers to the Panel for the 2024/25 Municipal Year:


1)    Anthony Wood (Harrow Public Transport Users Advisory Association)

2)    Veronica Chamberlain (Harrow Cyclists)

3)    John Hinkley (Harrow Resident Motorist)

4)    Stefan Voloseniuc (Sf Stefan Civil Engineering & Utility Contractors Ltd)